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Who we are


My name is Vincenzo Cotroneo and I've been assistant pastor and worship leader at the Calvary Chapel of Roma for several years. Now I'm pastor at Calvary Acilia. I've been married with Antonella for 20 years and we have a 16 year son,  Matteo.


Our ministry


We are a Christian Church affiliated with Calvary Chapel; we do not belong to any organized religion or denomination. We simply call ourselves  Christians. Our main goal is to preach the Gospel and to teach the Bible. We do this in a simple way, but in depth and systematically, book by book, verse by verse, from Genesis to Revelation.

Our meetings:

- Tuesday night at 7:00pm, in houses (now on Zoom)

- Thursday night at 7:00pm, in houses (now on Zoom)

- Sunday evening at 6:00pm, Via Carmelo Maestrini 112, Spinaceto​/Roma

Contact us by phone or email (+39 329-2182909 -

We also organize events in the neighborhood like parties, concerts, sport activities for kids and so on.



How you can help


This is still a very small group, but we are praying that it grows to bring the Gospel to the lost and teach the Word in this very high populated area at the south of Rome.

You can help in many ways, giving your resources, your time, your prayers.

Just sign up for the newsletter and be our spiritual partner.


Missione Acilia 


Per contatti tel. 0039 3292182909 -
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